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Finished(?) this awesome 'NOT' a game on my 3rd day of playing. First time it was like *CLICK CLICK CLICK WTF DIED BORING*. But the more I played , the more I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! Some day you'll be remembered by some masterpiece of horror games, for sure c:
Although, I can't say that game was hard after I figured out what to do. Near `50 scouting walthrough and one to get Sorma'ksuler. Sorry for my english and too long review. I'm not a good writer. Usually i don't write at all but your feedback and end titles made me hug my laptop. ^^
Thank you for all this game work!
Still, I didn't figured out purpose of the
Pentagon coordinates, Legion (Anonymous?) and other Cicada stuff. Maybe I'm not ready for this things for clever boys ^^.

DroneLocker responds:

4739 are you joking? Your English eats my English for a breakfest haha.
You have NO idea through how many spellcheckers I put my text before I post. And look - it's still a huge mess XD
Thank you very much :) And its actually safe to assume I am hugging you back, from within the laptop of yours.
And actually I LOOOOOOOVEEEEEE long reviews. There's no skill in dropping a "0/5 sucks didn't like" or "5/5 2nd best thing after pancakes" review and just leave it there. By writing something longer you really show how much you care. Just the way I reply to every single review and PM :)
Because I care. And it scares me - because I care greatly.

Absolutely new experience! I like everything. Style, voice, and most of all - music!

Grand music ^^

Doktore responds:

yes, i think this music is awesome :)

Awesome and addicting game! But too distracting with continue after death binded on mouse.

Orfhalaith -Each number will be highlighted in yellow, if it stands in its place

Relaxing :3


Great game. But where to i have to kick a ball in the fifth level?

Squize responds:

Sent you a pm, spoilers and all that :)


Wery friendly game, I love IT! ^_^


Grat story, music, graphics and music. I like this game!

Love zombies!

Pure fun!

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